The Crowns are starting off in Sunset Valley, a town everyone is very familiar with. We shall see some familiar faces, and try to destroy bring prosperity to the town.

Due to glitch issues the Crowns have been forced to make a move into a new save. Off to Starlight Shores they go where the weather is always nice. They experience only summer or spring. The town has been annihilated, none of the originals were kept, and rainbow sims have slowly been added in to populate the town.

We have finally moved on to generation three. I’m hoping this is the most relaxing generation of them all. I have gotten plenty of new store items to try out, and am fighting the urge to move the family to one of the new worlds I got!

Generation Four has been ushered in- I am very pleased to say. However, the blog is currently a little behind, but I am not going to give up! Generation five is already born in game. O.O Thanks for sticking around this long!

On to Generation Five! Moving along.

Generation Six has been ushered in after a disappointing generation five. I just couldn’t get into it, but the children that were produced are awesome. They are currently in Evansdale County and if I could finish the legacy here that would make me very happy. We shall see!

Generation Seven is so close I can taste it. One more post and we will officially be in generation seven. I shall let you all know, I have had a nightmare getting my sim game to run the way it is supposed to. Between upgrading my computer and patch 1.69 – I couldn’t tell you which is worse. Eh, in all honesty 1.69 isn’t all that bad. Really. The upgrade is what took me on a roller coaster, and to think I’m going to finish getting it upgraded for my birthday on Feb. 19th. My trip with my fiancee was awesomesauce! Due to you know… stuff the Crowns have been moved to a new world for generation seven, but I couldn’t tell you what world that was to save my life. Oh, well, guess we will see when we get all caught up.

I have started a new story and it can be found here: Loss Of Power! My new story is finally up and running. After trying many different times and getting ready to publish many times, I have finally got my NIF (Nothing Is Free) challenge on the go. I’m excited. It’s going to be a very long challenge, so I’m making sure to take it slow enough to not get bored.

Generation seven is probably the most unconventional generation yet. Talk about doing things anti-status quo. No heir was actually chosen, but there will be a heir chosen for generation 8 and, as evident by the banner, I jumped the gun a little and put the new banner up for generation eight. No heir poll was needed! I am excited to be coming up on generation 10 and hope that I can have a ton of fun with generation 8 and still manage to get all those LTW done. Gen. 7 posts are mainly text, because I’m running out of room for pics!

Generation 8 has finally finished and generation 9 is rolling along. As I write this generation 10 has already been born and we have potential heirs. I am very excited. I never thought that I would finish this blog.

Generation 10 is in the house! And I am absolutely thrilled! This has been by far the most frustrating generation and I am thankful it is over. Obviously, we are going to continue on pass generation 10. I can’t figure out how what I want to do to call this finished, but oh well. I’ll have fun until then.

Generation 11 finds us experiencing some new firsts. For one, the aliens have been invited to our home… To rule!


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